The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a simple idea born out of chaos. In our complex world of global systems that breed inequality, can the visions of a few pioneering thinkers spread like wildfire throughout society and save us all?
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A Punk Manifesto for Change

As we experience extreme weather, food insecurity, mass migration, biodiversity destruction and inequity of both living standards and basic rights on an unprecedented scale... bigger, better, faster can't be the answer to everything.

This is a science series like no other. For Laura Tenenbaum and Ed Begley Jr, science lives well beyond the test tube – it’s interwoven into every aspect of life on Earth. With that in mind, The Butterfly Effect dives into creative solutions to some of the core problems of modern society, and shifts our viewpoint so we can experience the world anew. Instead of seeing climate change as an overwhelming crisis we must endure, our very existence depends on running towards the firestorm with courage and embracing the fight.

Prepare to be shocked, awed and repeatedly floored as Laura, Ed and their radical Cabinet take you on a thrilling journey to examine today's most revolutionary ideas.